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PES & Public Utilities

“Payment for ecosystem services” (PES) is a market-based approach to protecting and restoring the environment. The growing attention to PES from scholars, practitioners, and the conservation community is not just for its potential to enhance the services nature provides for society, but also for its potential to enhance the economic prosperity of the suppliers of those services, including agricultural landowners. However, a number of challenges persist on the demand side of the equation. In particular, who will pay landowners for their stewardship?

New Natural Resource Economy

An innovative way of thinking about natural resources, termed the New Natural Resources Economy (NNRE), opens up new possibilities for the rural west. NNRE recognizes that rural communities are significant repositories of natural resources that contribute to society’s well being and seeks to broaden the definition of resources. Not only do rural communities supply timber, food, and other traditional goods, they also supply a range of services such as clean water, clean air, and biodiversity.