Making conservation banking work for wildlife and private landowners

Conservation banking, and candidate conservation banking, have been proposed as a unique way to improve the effectiveness of  habitat protection and restoration on private lands, thereby making the conservation option more attractive to private landowners.  The paper by Perry Salzhauer, his slide presentation, and summary of the Nov 22 discussion cover many of the issues associated with the implementation of  these, and other market-based prorgams.  Join the conversation. Here are a few questions to get you thinking: 

1. How should banking or credit trading fit with other programs, and support landscape scale conservation?

2. What is the best way to balance precision and practicality in implementation? How can the programs be analysis light, action heavy?

3. How would a "bioappraisal" be used with specific habitat and biodiversity metrics? 

4. How can we prevent the "take-over" of the program by Wall Street types, or should we?

5. How do we stimulate the demand for credits?