Upper Green River Basin Ecosystem Services Feasibility Analysis: Project Report

I recently completed a report with partners at The Nature Conservancy’s Wyoming office documenting phase 1 of a payment for ecosystem services feasibility study in the Upper Green River Basin of Southwest Wyoming (Sublette County). The report explores the complexities and opportunities for PES in the region along with suggestions for the appropriate design of such a program.  One of the interesting opportunities in the region is the potential participation of extractive (especially oil and gas) industries as buyers of ecosystem services and their concerns and tentative interest in a PES approach.

The report is now available for download on TNC’s website. 

You can access it directly from this link: http://www.nature.org/idc/groups/webcontent/@web/@wyoming/documents/document/prd_047272.pdf

or through a link on their main science page: www.nature.org/wyoscience

Feel free to share this with others who may be interested. I would also really enjoy hearing from any of you who are working on related projects.




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