Ecosystem Services Partnership

The Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP), founded in 2007, aims to enhance collaborative efforts on ecosystem services at the global, national and local level.
ESP is a network organization with now over 50 organisations and more than 200 individual members that links practitioners, researchers, and stakeholders around the world who are working toward better understanding the science, policy and practice of ecosystem services..

ESP facilitates among others, thematic working groups (on ES indicators, valuation, databases etc) and biome working groups  to enhance data exchange and develop guidelines for policy and research. An example is the ESP Marine Working Group, and more will follow soon!

In addition, ESP and Elsevier have launched a new multi-disciplinary journal   Ecosystem Services  . ESP also supports other journals, such as the Solutions Journal.

Please see the ESP website for more information on the network and an overview of the services that we (aim to) provide.

Finally we would like to inform you that in 2012 ESP will (co-)organise two conferences:
The 5th ESP Conference will be held in Portland, USA from 31 July - 4 August organised by Portland State Univ. and a joint ACES-ESP conference 10-14 December in Ft .Lauderdale, Florida.
For more information please see the ESP conference website.

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