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The ESP Marine Secretariat is part of the ES-Partnership's initiative to create a global network of active working groups in which people knowledgeable about Ecosystem Services can work together effectively. Together, this working group aims to enhance data exchange and develop guidelines for policy and research.

The ES-Partnership is a network organization that will link practitioners, researchers, and stakeholders around the world who are working toward better understanding, modeling, valuation and management of ecosystem services and natural capital. ESP aims to enhance communication, coordination and cooperation, while building a strong network of individuals and organizations.

As announced during the ESP conference in early October of 2011, ESP is working on setting up these Working Groups organised around Biomes and Themes.  ESP will provide space on the website for each Working Group to have discussions and help secure any other support they would need.

The work and the Biome working groups will consist of several of members. Working groups will consist of an organising committee with a chair, webmanager(s) and discussion group leader(s)  who will coordinate and facilitate the communication amongst members and active members.

We would like to encourage you become an active member of one of the ESP working groups by subscribing to the Working groups of your preference.

ESP Biome working groups are:

Thematic Working Groups:
There are no Thematic Working Groups at this moment

For more information on ESP please see:


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