The Willamette Partnership

The Partnership includes a diverse coalition of conservation, city, business, farm, and science leaders in the Willamette River basin from Clean Water Services (the wastewater management service for the Tualatin River Basin), the Oregon Business Council, Wildwood, Inc. (an urban design and development firm), Defenders of Wildlife, Willamette Riverkeeper, The Conifer Group (a multifaceted real estate development company), the Oregon Association of Nurseries, Weyerhaeuser, the Oregon Association of Conservation Districts, SOLV (an organization that builds community though volunteer action), the Network of Oregon Watershed Councils, Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services, local law firms, and the state’s universities.

We all want ecological resiliency.  We believe naturally functioning ecosystems form the cornerstone of livable communities and a healthy, sustainable economy. To get this, we need to increase the pace, scope, and effectiveness of conservation. This means:

  • Integrated and strategic investment in ecosystems
  • A fair and transparent system for people to buy and sell environmental restoration benefits
  • Business models to move beyond compliance-based projects to stewardship of ecosystems
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